Lymphatic Massage: Preventing Illness and Boosting Your Health

Lymphatic Massage is essential and an excellent form of preventative health – keeping a clean environment in your body keeps you healthy. Your immune system is one of the most vital systems in the body because it protects, regulates, and is the surveillance to maintain balance and good health in your body. And as we age, it is only natural for our immunity to start diminishing, which puts us at higher risk for illness, infection, and disease.

Lymphatic Massage is Essential To Your Wellbeing

Lymphatic massage, also referred to as lymphatic drainage or manual lymph drainage (MLD),  is a massage technique that stimulates your immune system and kicks it into gear to help remove inflammation and toxin build-up in the body. Lymph drainage essentially boosts your immunity so

that it is easier to fight off infection, minimizes pain, and promotes faster healing times to injury and illness, which in turn makes aging an easier process. We are all prone to injury and illness throughout our lives so it is important to maintain a strong immune, or lymph system, to help heal the body and keep inflammation and toxins minimized.

Inflammation and toxin build-up are responsible for a lot of pathologies such as (not limited to) arthritis, sinus infections, headaches, pain syndromes, allergies, gut and other systemic issues. Inflammation is a sign that something is off in the body. Your immune system can only handle so much before it becomes overloaded.

Lymph drainage is an easy and important way to prevent fluid back-up in the body. Again, this helps as we age so our immunity is in balance and able to remove foreign substances and keep inflammation to a minimum. Lymph drainage even helps pre-surgically by cleansing the tissues to provide an optimal environment for surgery.

This helps reduce risk of post-surgical infection, decreases excessive swelling, minimizes bruising and scar tissue formation, increases the relaxing effect on the nervous system to support physical and emotional changes leading up to surgery, and promotes healthy immune function to process post-surgical healing. Lymphatic massage is a preventative and it feels amazing.

Not only are you boosting your immunity, but the calm, and soothing effects of this type of massage help decrease stress and anxiety in our bodies as well. 

Relieving Pain and Improving Quality of Life: How Palliative Lymphatic Massage is Essential and Can Help You

Palliative- There is no denying that lymphatic massage makes you feel good. This massage technique relaxes your body and mind and helps relieve pain-related symptoms and inflammation.

Chronic illness and disease is a hard road. Not only does a person deal with the symptoms related to the illness, but also side effects from treatment. It causes stress and trauma in the body and mind that has no way to escape.

Lymphatic massage is important because it helps minimize the effects of treatment and symptoms related to the disease one is experiencing. One of the best parts of lymph drainage is that your lymph system requires light pressure to be stimulated. So the technique is great for people who are experiencing pain and/or discomfort because the pressure is so light, which creates a calmness in the body.

Lymph drainage helps in all aspects of palliative care, facilitating a better quality of life. It helps relieve symptoms, side effects related to medications and treatment, and calms the body and mind to relieve the stress it carries. Those with cancer, whether active and receiving treatments, in recovery, or at the end of life, can benefit immensely from this technique.

Why Lymphatic Massage is the Key to Maintaining Better Quality of Life

Maintenance – Lymph drainage, or manual lymph drainage massage keeps your body in balance. It allows your lymph/immune system to function more properly to move stagnant fluid and remove toxin buildup. Keeping healthy fluid circulating in your body has a wide range of benefits and keeping inflammation minimized promotes better health.

Lymphatic massage keeps the body and any type of inflammation maintained. Inflammation is inevitable, whether you can physically see it or not. For a healthy person, lymphatic massage is important because it flushes inflammation and promotes the removal of toxins, which minimizes the risk of disease or illness, and allows for other systems to function better.

For those who live with disease or inflammatory pathology, lymphatic massage lessens the severity of symptoms and keeps inflammation “maintained.” Breast cancer-related lymphedema, is a lifelong condition where flare-ups are inevitable and is not an easy process to deal with.

Finding someone who specializes in lymph drainage is important in making sure swelling stays down, and it is another eye to make sure there isn’t an increase in swelling.

A balanced body is a happy body. The lymph system does an amazing job at maintaining balance and good health, and lymph drainage is a powerful technique that helps boost the lymph system to work even more effectively.

The Healing Power of Lymphatic Massage: Accelerate Your Post-Op Recovery

Post-operative rehabilitation – Swelling after surgery is inevitable. After surgery, the lymphatic system is working overtime to repair the tissues and keep the environment clean.

Excessive or prolonged swelling can become problematic. It can lead to longer healing times, increased pain, increased risk of infection and persistent swelling, and can adversely affect scar tissue formation, causing unwanted adhesions and decreased range of motion.

Lymph drainage massage has been shown to have great success addressing post-surgical swelling, as it increases circulation to the affected area, and flushes out unwanted debris and excess fluid at a faster rate. This leads to faster healing times with decreased risk of infection and other post-surgical complications.

Lymphatic massage was designed perfectly for the lymph system and those who have gone through surgery. The pressure is so light, so it naturally creates a calming effect on the body and mind, and makes it easy to work around sutures without having to worry about them pulling.

Surgery is traumatic on the body. Lymph drainage massage helps immensely with the healing process and recovery time post-surgically because it allows your body to rest, reset, and recover more effectively.

Elevate Your Recovery Game: How Lymphatic Massage Delivers Quick and Lasting Results

Quick recovery – we are all prone to injury, illness, cuts, bruises, trauma, and may even experience surgery at some point in our lives. A healthy immune, or lymphatic system, functions more effectively to heal your wounds and fight off illness and infection.

An unhealthy lifestyle or having any sort of illness or chronic illness can make it harder for your body to recover and heal because your immune system is working so hard, which can cause things to get backed up.

Lymph drainage massage is a powerful technique that boosts immunity and promotes quicker healing times because it keeps clean, healthy fluid circulating in the body. The lymphatic system consists of lymph vessels, nodes, and ducts. Lymph fluid filters its way through the body, cleaning and destroying bacteria and unwanted substances.

The lymphatic system drains into the cardiovascular system. So by the time lymph fluid has made its way to the heart, fluid has been filtered and cleaned along the way. The heart then pumps the filtered fluid back out through the body, sending newly cleaned fluid throughout the whole body and it continues the cleansing cycle.

Lymph drainage massage is the most useful tool to boost the lymph system because its manual mechanics stimulate the system to work at its highest potential. Because of how quickly it cleanses the immune system, it promotes good health and fast recovery times because the cleaner the fluid, the more effectively it can protect the body by destroying pathogens that cause illness, and removes unwanted debris after injuries.

Maintaining a healthy immune system through lymphatic massage will not only help you heal faster, but it will facilitate faster healing throughout your life.